Why Bangladesh for Recruitment

Bangladesh is a densely country with a population of 140 million of which about 40 million are civilian labor force. A well-developed education and training system make them active and qualified to meet demands of domestic and foreign markets. At present there are 30 (Govt. 11, Private 19) Universities including one Engineering University and one Agricultural University, 20 (Govt. 10, Private 10) Medical Colleges including dental college and one post graduate medical Institute. 10 Engineering colleges, 19 Polytechnic colleges, 12 technical training centers, 160 Vocational training centers, 86 Nursing training centers, 30 Teachers training colleges an several thousands schools and colleges for general education.


So, it has exportable surplus of educated and trained manpower in almost every sector and discipline. Over the last decade Bangladesh exported a total of about one million different types of manpower to the middle eastern countries. Apart from Middle eastern countries Malaysia and other countries are also importing manpower from Bangladesh.


Professional like Doctors, Engineers, Architects, Accountants and Nurses are also recruited. Importing manpower from Bangladesh has many operational and strategic advantages.

The Lucrative Advantages which Attract Overseas Employers Include

High Productivity

Better training facilities

Minimum flying time

Low wages

Cheaper Transportation cost

Almost similar food habit

Closer cultural affinity

Discipline of the workers with obedience

Knowledge of Arabic and English

Workers are energetic and full of stamina

Bangladesh at a Glance

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