A good employee recruitment process is at the heart of every effective strategic staffing model. The new economy is forcing companies to look at recruiting differently. Recruiting can no longer be treated as a random act. Recruiting needs to be a habit, it needs to be a process, and it needs to be part of the strategic planning process to be successful.

In the new economy, there is the additional problem of having more candidates. There are far more people looking for jobs and responding to ads and postings. Attracting candidates is not the problem. Attracting good candidates is the problem and is getting more difficult. As a result, the approach to recruiting needs to change.

Our philosophy is to recruit people with whom we can build a strong, positive and lasting relationship. We are committed to ensuring that the recruitment and selection of staff is conducted in a manner that is systematic, efficient, and effective and promotes equality of opportunity. NRB Recruiting Agencies prefers selection of workers by the employer representative. NRB Recruiting Agencies will ensure all facilities to the employer including arrangement of trade test, if require, for selection of technical people. We deliver exactly what our clients require. We are committed to identifying, recruiting and retaining the best talent to meet your business needs.



First we seat with our Engineering team to get the best idea to recruit skilled or non-skilled worker for employer.

- We advertise in all popular daily newspaper to get direct response from appropriate workers.

- We contact all professional online jobs providing data bank to get better worker.

- We send our recruitment team and engineers with requirement to different working place like hospital, clinic, factory, construction and industry side to contact directly for high tech or variety type of workers.

Also we send employee's requirement to our dedicated sub-agents who are normally able to fulfill our 40% of requirements.

After completing these stages we make a pre-qualify selection with our expert recruitment team to obtain the best qualified workers for employers. Then we send them for practical trade test and qualification test.

These are common recruitment policy for our overseas clients and the same philosophy we follow our valuable clients who are looking forward to get the right person for the right job.